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Fiction List

Posted [sticky post] on 2014.01.05 at 16:05
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Please note a lot of these fics were written a while ago and as such could be quite dodgy. no judgin pls. I may consider updating this list with new and old content in the future, so watch this space!

I write for many genres and draw inspiration from a lot of places, but my favourite setting is the forest. Feel free to leave a comment or send a message if you want to talk, would like to request a story, etc.

Vampire Saga Complete

In the Name of Justice

The war between nations is over, a new era arisen from the ashes. With the death of its thirteenth and final ruler, Dreizehn Schwarzschild, the land of Marthiel falls into lower hands. Now it is down to the king's son, Justice, to path the way back to a new monarchy and restore glory to a once-great kingdom.

In the Name of Justice and all side stories are based on D's Vampire Story

Prologue: The Thirteenth Black Shield | Chapter I: Mistake | Chapter II: Living in the Dark | Chapter III: Midnight Tea Party | Chapter IV: Good Evening, Shall We Dance? | Chapter V: Love Song of a Moonlit Night | Chapter VI: He Who Bears the Crown | Chapter VII: The Green-Coloured Falcon | Chapter VIII: Day Dream | Chapter IX: Before the Storm | Chapter X: A Game of Wits | Chapter XI: Checkmate | Chapter XII: The Pride of a Knight | Chapter XIII: The Leader and the Marksman | Chapter XIV: Shadows | Chapter XV: The Power of Two Rivers | Chapter XVI: Grand Master | Chapter XVII: Eyes of the Night | Chapter XVIII: The Last Night Falls... | Chapter XIX: ...But I am No Longer Afraid | Chapter XX: Playing With Fire | Chapter XXI: Rogue | Chapter XXII: Agony | Chapter XXIII: A Final Wish | Chapter XXIV: Towards the End | Chapter XXV: The Grey Marshes | Chapter XXVI: Frozen Heart | Chapter XXVII: In the Name of Justice | Chapter XXVIII: Betrayer | Chapter XXIX: Der König der Dunkelheit | Chapter XXX: Tears | Epilogue: Rosenstrauss

Complete / Rated R for violence, language & sex


Dark Wings

Carbuncle has been kidnapped, and it is up to Justice and the rest of the Guardians to rescue him. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure is tracking down the new king. What do they want, and is it for good or bad? Sequel to In the Name of Justice.

Prologue: The Visitor | Chapter I: An Unfortunate Situation

In progress / Rated R for violence, language & sex


Ice Moon

One-shot revolving around one of Kircheis' hunting trips in the days before his Cold Sleep.

Ice Moon

Complete / Rated PG-13 for violence


Frozen Heart

Kircheis observes the winter night and all its beauty.

Frozen Heart

Complete / Rated PG



Dreizehn faces his father's murderer under the full moon.


Complete / Rated PG-13 for violence



Zephyr has joined the royal guard and is ready to undertake his first mission. But what lies in store is more than just a simple operation, as evil brews under the moonlight.


Complete / Rated R for violence


Vampire Saga Lore

Mini-series exploring the lore and workings of Marthiel.

Lore #1: Killing a Vampire

In progress


Fanfiction Complete

En Passant

All is not well in Kagoshima High School. A girl jumps from the science block roof between classes, and a group of students find their diaries suddenly possess the ability to tell the future. There can only be one left standing. Who will win the game of death? (Prequel to the manga / anime series.)

A Mirai Nikki fanfiction

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

(Links are for FictionPress)

In progress / Rated R for violence, language & sex


Other Complete

L'Oiseau Bleu

A girl stumbles upon an abandoned house in the woods, only to find a stranger sitting there. As the two begin to talk, however, she realises that there may be much more to her situation than she first thought.

Inspired by Torikago Goten ~L'Oiseau Bleu~ by D

Part 1 | Part 2

Complete / Rated PG


Black Dragon

A mafia boss, Heilong, attempts to redeem himself by recovering a notorious artefact. Set in China at the turn of the millennium.

Inspired by Huang Di ~Yami ni Umareta Mukui~ by D

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

(Links are for FictionPress)

Complete / Rated PG-13 for violence



Seven years ago their chief was murdered. Now his widow is dead and it is up to Kaiden to find the one behind the attacks. But even in the harsh Alps, the biggest danger may not lie around the corner but in the ones you love most.


In progress / Rated R for violence



A woman awakens to find herself strapped to a cross with two other strangers, fated to carry out a brutal and bloody game of truth. First part of Abandon series.



Complete / Rated R for violence & unnecessary maiming


The River

“Believe me, Björn. Drowning is not the worst thing that can befall a person in this river.”

Inspired by Ghost River by Nightwish

The River

Complete / Rated PG-13



An encounter between two men reveals a secret that should never be arisen.

Inspired by ROSE by Lycaon


Complete / Rated PG-13 for violence


Stepping on Roses

When Alice awakes in Wonderland, she is taken in by the strange new world around her. But its residents are sure she's been there before. How will she ever wake up?

Inspired by Yami no Kuni no Alice by D

Chapter 1: Alice in the Country of Darkness (Part 1)

On hold / Rated PG-13 for violence



A young medical student's move to the Gakuyama Institute in Japan seems to be the start of a fruitful new life, but things take a more sinister turn when she discovers the secret her boss has hidden in the basement.

Inspired by Tightrope by D

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Complete / Rated R for violence & sex

shaun of the dead

Sanguine: Chapter I

Posted on 2017.04.14 at 01:00
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It's probably no secret to anyone who knows me that I've fallen a little out of love with writing recently, what with life and all its wow. Hopefully a crappy fic can get me back into the game. FANfic. That's right! Say hello to my first *official* Skyrim story. Not that In the Name of Justice was Skyrim-worship or anything...

A sharp breeze swept its way across the plains.Collapse )


King: Prologue

Posted on 2016.03.24 at 23:18
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It's been over a year since I posted here. Dayum. But here I am, back with a new original work that I'll be publishing both here and on FictionPress. This is completely original, novel-length and I know I'm gonna have a lot of fun writing it! Set somewhere in Bavaria sometime in the first millennium.

First chapter will be posted soon. Comments are love.

For a while Kaiden couldn't work out what was wrong with the man.Collapse )


Vampire Saga Lore #1: Killing a Vampire

Posted on 2015.03.01 at 11:42
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As a 'thank you' for 500 views to my journal (since installing the counter, at least), I've decided to create this little series detailing the lore of Marthiel and the way things work. Please note that although the Vampire Saga is based on D's Vampire Story and I try to keep things true to the original, this is canon to my version of the world. If there's an area you'd like to request, please drop a comment.

Thanks for all the support over the years. You guys are awesome.

Killing a VampireCollapse )

Long time no post, LiveJournal. And welcome to the first day of spring! This story is a direct result of listening to Dandelion by D and Blood by Sonata Arctica one after another. I'm pretty sure a little Kurobara no Kishi got into there as well. I'm not pleased with it, but I thought I'd post instead of leaving it to disappear into the void of my laptop.

The story is set in the winter between In the Name of Justice and Dark Wings in my Vampire Saga timeline. Zephyr is a canon character, but the rest are my own. Maybe I should include the royal guard in a later story.

This cheesefest is dedicated to write_my_dreams. Happy Birthday, bruh. ☺

“Laughter. That's what this country needs.”Collapse )


Poem: Salome

Posted on 2015.01.15 at 11:15
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I am not a poet.

And yet here is a poem.Collapse )

deadman wonderland

Dark Wings: Chapter I

Posted on 2014.11.28 at 21:22
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I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed: Unity recently. Kudos to Ubisoft for setting the last pair of games in two of my three favourite periods of history. Now all we need is Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok to complete the set.

Anyway, digressions. The quality of writing in this chapter makes me cry. Who would have thought it would be a year to the day that I started writing this? Hopefully, the prose isn't too jolting. Oh, and thanks to all the readers, past and (hopefully) future. I hope you all enjoy reading this installment as much as I enjoy writing it!

As always, comments are ♥

The sound of shouting was an ever-constant euphoria.Collapse )

It's been a while since I wrote something for the Vampire Story; about this time last year I finished writing In the Name of Justice. As promised, here is the sequel. Belated, I know, but the break has given me time to think up fresh plotlines and work on other things. Now I'm really excited to enter back into the world I've missed.

I'll try not to go on too much in my pre-chapter notes this time around. Have a *short* prologue.

It's a cold night – the coldest of the year so far.Collapse )


D Short Story Contest 2014: Winners

Posted on 2014.11.07 at 13:59
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So, here are the results! I really enjoyed reading your entries, which were all so different and creative. Thank you so much to everyone who took part.

Popular choice (according to votes on Facebook)
Pink Snow by Di Yume
Based on Ouka Saki Some ni Keri & Namonaki Mori no Yumegatari

I'm sure a lot of you have already visited Di's Livejournal at some point, so know what a talented writer she is. This story perfectly captures the natural elements of both songs, whilst adding in elements of sadness and conflict. A really sweet story.

Judge's choice
知られざる子供達 / Shirarezaru Kodomotachi

This was actually the only entry that came to me 100% anonymously. It was so difficult to choose a winner, from the four remaining stories, and I was torn between this and another entry, but in the end, the winner became clear. The language is beautiful, and gives a real sense of a mind decaying. Then, at the end, the change is uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Have a happy November!

asagi alice

D Short Story Contest 2014: Shortlist

Posted on 2014.11.03 at 20:57
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Here are the entries to the D Short Story Contest 2014! There are five entries this year, and all are listed anonymously. Please vote for your favourite here. Votes will be counted up in three days (Thursday 6th) and winners will be announced on the Friday.

There will be two winners: the first by majority vote and the second by judge's decision. I've tried to keep this as fair as possible. Both stories will be hosted on this page (with the authors' permissions) and translated into Spanish.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far!

Entry #1Collapse )

Entry #2Collapse )

Entry #3Collapse )

Entry #4Collapse )

Entry #5Collapse )

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